Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update: The Posterous Replacment

It's all a problem of big fish swallowing smaller fish.


There use to be a lot of places where you could write once, and publish to many different places. 

That's narrowed down as companies are bought and closed down.

The latest one is Posterous, which Twitter is closing at the end of April 2013. My best use of this was to remote post to various free blog platforms.  While you can still do this with programs like Windows Live Writer, or plug-ins like Scribefire, they are a bit more intensive than I like. (Scribefire is really a perfect replacement for this type of action - but the search engines really do mess with content that is too similar to itself. Not enough value.)

The replacement is If This, Then That. ( Key points is that it will take new material and drop it in all over the place. Especially good for videos, which search engines still see as non-duplicate - and are the replacement for article directories.

Still testing this myself, and I don't have a how-to on this or recommendations so far. 

But thought to let you know.


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