Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 01 - Welcome! Some Ground Rules...

Day 01 - Ground Rules

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Glad to have you all here. This should be interesting for all concerned.

There are just a few pointers to go over:

1. We are here to share information and get feedback. So let's keep it politely interesting. If you wouldn't like to be referred to in that manner, then...

2. I don't expect you to buy anything. And that includes buying what I say works. The only way something works is if you test it out for yourself. (Of course, if you want to get copies of my books or sign up through my links for some program or other, I'd be more than happy to accept the commission or royalty.) But this program isn't here to get you to do anything except help you get information on how to get started earning online income.

3. The material on this blog is licensed under Creative Commons - meaning that you can use it for what you want (except commercially without license) as long as you share it similarly - here's the blurb:

Creative Commons License

 Now, all that said, the intent of this is to enable you to also develop habits to create your own content. I'll go over in more detail about these later - but know these 2 things: 
  • Content is King on the Internet.
  • Habits are made in 30 days (both good and bad) and can be re-made in 30 days.
Suggested here is that you subscribe to receive this in your email, so you don't miss any. As I can, I'll set each individual lesson up as a PDF, though that might lag, as getting the content up on the blog comes first - not polishing it until it shines as midnight.

And the polish is where you come in as well. Leave a comment as often as you can and help the discussion along. Contribute as you can and point out anything and everything you think is questionable or could be improved. We'll hash this stuff out as we go.

The reason I've asked you here is to point out where I go over the average newbie's head. I've been doing this for a decade, so may have lost track of how to set this up simply enough that anyone could follow it.

Now stuff that's common knowledge like how to set up a Wordpress blog, I won't get into. Mainly because there are just too many good tutorials on this. I'll hit the highlights learned from my use/misuse/abuse of that platform, but not what plug-ins I suggest you get - other than in broad terms.

However, there will be numerous freebie materials which will take you more than just 30 minutes a day to go through. It's all this stuff I've been hoarding all these years, after I went through and found what works (yes, my hard-drives are a mess, but they are chock full of goodies.)

2 books this is based on

You all probably know the 2 books I've written some years back:
And you should have a copy to hand for use. Both were written (and revised from earlier versions) based on hard-lived experience with real-life scammers - who really, factually didn't give a damn about people they were screwing over.

But we won't rehash this here - other than to say it was a great learning experience and I not only got my money back, but helped some other people get theirs back as well. These two books were the result of this, and will tell you the basics of what you need to know to succeed with any online venture.

This 30-day program is a successor to these books (and my wind up being a book on it's own, I haven't decided yet.)

So if you don't already have a copy, you can pick one up from Lulu, (where you can also get the printed versions) or visit the below blogs/sites which cover this material:


I've been around the pike more than once, and have attended many courses online. Some good, some not so good. One which has evolved over the years (since 2005) is what is now known as The Challenge, created by an Australian Ed Dale. It's a free sign-up and once you are in, you are able to proceed at your own pace. They do a decent job of taking you through all the steps you need to in order to figure out how to find a product, promote it, and earn income with it.

Practically, this would be a good start for anyone. It's laced with affiliate links and has just a few places where you'd have to pay money to get going.

My exception to this is that I've worked out how to get almost everything figured out about how to start for nothing. Not that I haven't paid good money for certain products/services. But I intend to tell you right off how to get it done, how to save your time doing it, and then if there is a decent service or product that I've tried and recommend that will make your results much much better.

Additional to this is the benefit of working with this material for years. Not only do I know some professional short-cuts, but I also have a different take on what passes for how to get a site ranking and getting people to buy your product or services. It's simpler than most self-proclaimed "guru's" make it out to be.

- - - -

And that is more than enough for today. Of course, I reserve the right to change these things around if I find some material is better.

Assignment today is to get your copies of these books. And dust them off. 

Today's freebie: I put a short version of "Get Your Self Scam Free" up on Scribd a few years back - http://www.scribd.com/doc/24665551/Get-Yourself-Scam-Free-Handbook-for-Personal-Freedom

See you tomorrow, where we get into some meat about how to earn extra income online - based on how the Internet is set up and what makes or breaks online success - Natural Laws to be followed, that sort of thing...

UPDATE: I've been finding stuff here and there about these various subjects. It's been easiest for me to add these as comments. So do check for comments to get your latest updates. And also, I'm still alerted about comments here - so if you don't want to send me a personal email, then you can leave a comment.


  1. OK - feel free to comment... I'd like to find out what you think.

  2. Robert - Thank you for the Sunshine summary. Very helpful info. Looking forward to learning and contributing here. Let me know if there's anything you need. Tommy, Seattle

  3. Wow. The info on your Life Purpose/Passion in the Sunshine book floored me. Simple, powerful and has me thinking, a lot. I look forward to working through and this course. Started poking around at a few internet marketers today, specifically Perry Marshall and Frank Kern. But, I'm going to hold off doing any more research. Going to get clear on my purpose, or at least clearer, and go deep into this course.


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