Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming Soon - Stay Tuned...

Coming Soon - 30 days of Online Income Training!
Coming Soon, to a blog near you - oh - well, really it's right here. 

Comedy aside - glad to have you here.

What's coming up is 30 days of distilled lessons from Hard Knocks University - where I take all I've learned in over a decade of web development which has provided me with a second income (and not having to work for anyone except myself.)

We are going to start on the 15th. This blog is private and can't be found by any Internet search. Just us few here and now. (And again, thanks for letting me into your life with these essays.)

So you'll probably want to subscribe to this blog. I have a link over to the right which allows you to get this in your email box, so that's probably the best way to keep on top of this.

But I have to keep the curtains closed for now - lots of work and preparation to get ready for you.

See you shortly...

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