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Day 02 - Purpose and Success

Now, right off the bat, I'll tell you that the assignment today is to re-read Section I of An Online Sunshine Plan. I just did. And there's a good article (even though I wrote it, I keep telling people this same thing) "The 2 Reasons Affiliate and Bum Marketers Fail are Simple" (pg 30)

Business Logic

Let me tell you the logic of where we are heading with this:
- In order to have extra income, you have to run it like a successful business.
- In order to have a successful business, you have to offer a valuable service or product for which people can exchange something valuable.
- You are going to have to promote in order to have people find your service or product.
- And when those interested people contact you for more information ("leads"),  they will then need to be helped to purchase/invest in your product.

And those steps are simply the logical start to this.

You have to know this before we get anywhere near the Internet.

Why is the Internet so valuable? Because you can greatly leverage your time and money to result in a great deal of the latter without wasting a lot of the former.

All this is described in another article in section I, "How to get your start up small business (more) profitable." (pg 23) In this, it's described how a job is a 1 to 1 relation. You are paid by the hour for doing a single job. With the Internet, you can get other people to do your selling for you, which can wind up leveraging your time 2000X (or more) - which is described in that article.

So while I say to keep your day job, don't hold onto it forever. The idea is to build up what you can offer online and leverage that until the income replaces your salary and also the cost of any benefits you are earning by showing up every day to someone else's workplace.

If you haven't already, Robert Kiyosaki has some great comments and advice in his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book, as well as the numerous co-authored books in that series.

In these days, you aren't going to really trust that the company you work for won't lay you off just before they have to start paying your retirement. If that company actually stays in business that long, or isn't bought out.

So you are right to be looking for a way to make extra income from working part time online - and why I'm sharing this with you. It isn't hard to make money online (although it may feel like hard work at first), but it is a long learning curve. This program is set to simply clue you in on everything you need to start up on your own - and cut your learning curve by half or more.

That said - don't take my word for it. Study and learn from as many people as possible, and constantly be on the look out for more sources of data. Things change constantly. A couple of years back, when I wrote An Online Sunshine Plan, I compiled everything I thought was valuable in terms of free online books and materials I'd received and put it into a DVD. That's almost 4 gigabytes of data. Now, I was looking through this and see that nearly a quarter of it now seems quaint. But by reading it, you'd think each one was the latest and greatest ebook about how to do things.

The reason I haven't removed any from that collection is that they still tell you something about the way things are done, or are an example of how to package and offer materials - or to get leads.

And I did discover over 30 books which are more inspirational than pitch, so you'll be getting access to one of these every day - just to help you along. (See the last link at the bottom.)

More logic - 

I realize this gets long winded, so if you feel like getting up and coming back with a beverage of choice, I can understand. (Mine is right here, BTW.)

But what we need to do is cover some basics.

  • The Internet is and always has been based on shared information and speed.
  • The articles and web-pages which wind up on the top of search engines are there because search engines can read them and think they are relevant.
  • (How they come up with "relevant" we will go over later.)
  • The top 5 spots get something like 85% of the clicks, which is why SEO is such in demand. (Search Engine Optimization means "making pages readable to search engines without spamming them.")
  • If you use the Internet to offer actual value and service to others - and enable others to readily exchange with you for the services or products you offer - then your income will reflect that value you offer.

How exactly you do that is up to you.

We will be covering several ways to accomplish this. And you'll be getting access to many authors who have their own ideas of how to go about this.

In the end, it is you who need to decide on the best way you can be of service to others, what value you can add to this culture, what universal problems you can provide answers and solutions for.

- - - -

Today's freebie is an old classic, "Acres of Diamonds". Even if you've read it before, it is well worth reading again. If you can't get through it by tomorrow, please just glance through Chapters 5 and 6.

The point is, as Earl Nightingale was fond to repeat, "When Doctor Russell H. Conwell talked about each of us being right on our own “Acre of Diamonds”,
he meant it. This story does not get will be true forever...Opportunity does not just ‘come along’. It is there all the time — we just have to see it."

Additional Assignment:

Review the "Goals and Purposes Questionaires" from Online Sunshine Plan - pages 14-15. See what you can come up with as far as answers to these questions.

If this gives you a purpose for what you are doing here - great.

If you already have your purpose settled, maybe these will give you some more ideas you can use to forward it.

If you don't come up with a purpose, fine - it will still give you some exercise for your imagination.

But above, all Have Fun with this.

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