Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 06 - Sales, Funnels, and Human Nature

Today we are reviewing Section IV of An Online Sunshine Plan.

It's titled "Your Sales Funnel", but you might as well call it human nature.

And an additional ebook you should be familiar with is "Get Your Self Scam Free". 

Because what we are doing with sales is using the built-in foibles which pretty much all humankind has already programmed in. And "Scam Free" was written after I got very interested in how I was duped into a scam. Interestingly, that research allowed me to get out from under and help several others get their own money back as well. (Even though I told these scammers exactly what I was doing - they wouldn't believe it until it cost them far more...)

You simply take the data in that book and reverse it to find out how something like 99.99997% of this population works.

And of course, I was introduced to this by studying how to write "sales pages".

This data in OSP starts about page 187. And you'll see how Cialdini and Maslow were used in "Scam Free". Too simple, though.

Sales pages are just one style of writing, though. In a couple of days, I'll go over the others and how they differ - so stay tuned.

Sales Funnels

Whoever thought this term up should probably be shot. It's not all that accurate. (See page 184 as to why.)

But the general concept is that you have not just a single product to offer your new customers. Regular income is built on having a string of products which anyone can buy, so they continue to give you valuables in exchange for their trust in your on-going valuable offers.

And (though I'll go over this point in a few days in more detail) you should be investing in product lines which are consumables, or have regular service payments. All this other stuff about "income on autopilot" is a bunch of hooey. You want to deliver value and continue delivering value. You want leads to turn into clients and so your cost-per-lead drops considerably, since you don't have to spend a great deal in finding new customers in order to make your extra income goals.

The article on "Adding Value" (page 193-200) is quite interesting from this view.

You'll see from what you've covered before this, that I've changed some views on things. However, the base of this is still straight.

Mostly, this is pretty pat stuff when you review it from the data above.  So I'll leave you to this study.

I do recommend you check out the free or one-time payment for Market Samurai. Their ability search for affiliate programs is quite good. And you can tell what would be a good match and value you can deliver that supports your purpose - or simply more Internet Marketing Sleaze.

Another entertaining set of sales pages and an opt-in email series is found with "Magnetic Sponsoring". It's really worth the study. And for only about $30, you can get into their affiliate scene, where you get even more info on how their system works from an insider's view.

- - - -

Freebie today is another ebook by Michel Campbell - "Nothing but 'Net". I think you'll find his style refreshingly honest, plus you get some insider history of the early Internet. And some good ideas on how to build your own business these days.

Assignment is as above - check out some various products and services you might be interested in offering. And sign up for some newsletters so  you can study their sales funnel. (Just put your credit card well out of reach - like in another room or with someone you trust.)

Tomorrow, we'll be covering Search Engines - their supposed care and feeding...

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