Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 10 - Tools, their Care and Use in Marketing

Peaceful Simplicity - will improve your life, and online income.
I was all set to get into yet another subject today, which would be leading us down into more material and tools - when I stopped suddenly and realized a fault that The Online Sunshine Plan and its precursor all had embedded.

This is something ingrained in my own make-up which I've had to come to grips with.

Here's the solution, then I'll tell you more about the problem:

Surround yourself with only those items which make your life more peaceful, simpler, or both.

Today's lesson is fairly short, as most go. Just to emphasize that point above.

Learning Internet Marketing is like paying a garbage truck to empty it's complete content on your lawn so you can sort through it to find the great stuff people threw out.

Remember, you paid the guy to do this to your lawn.

The point is that there is a lot of stuff out there. Capital S-t-u-f-f.

And you may recall that I said from the get-go that the bulk (97% or better) of the material that's been published on Internet Marketing (which includes my own books and this blog) are just crap, BS, shinola, garbage, nonsense.

The reason I said this and included my own material in that statement - was to get you to look at what you are studying.

It's worthless unless you can make it work for you.

There is no sense in compiling a bunch of stuff onto your hard-drive and then leaving it sit there. Or in filling your mind with a lot of useless facts that help no one else (unless you can win trivia-game prizes to entertain others.)

So a couple of very smart people each gave me one piece of that advice up there.

And they work together, as they are related.

I work constantly to boil down data into the underlying system they are based on. Once you know the rules, you can work out a strategy to win any and all games.

And is why I worked so long with my "Go Thunk Yourself" series. All self-help is based on Natural Laws. When you know them, you can get unlimited personal ability and anything/everything else you could possibly want or need. True.

So while you are working at learning this stuff called Internet Marketing, take some time to throw stuff away occasionally. (Or throw it away to begin with and then take it back only when you've proved it's useful and effective for you.)

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Does using this make my life simpler?
2. Does using this may my life more peaceful?

And when you get this down to a second-nature habitual reflection, then your life will become even easier and more direct.

I've worked to give all this to you in a format which can be rejected easily and is also logically laid out - so that you can accept the logic or refute it.

So take the time to day to reflect a bit and review what we've gone over. See if all of this stuff works for you. Check to see if you've tested everything for yourself. Throw out anything that doesn't work or is too complicated to use.

And tell me what you find.

- - - -

Today's Freebie - another useful reference - "Conversations with Millionaires"

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