Thursday, February 26, 2015

Collection: Get Rich In Spite of Yourself - If You Can Count to Four Reference

New Collection Released: Get Rich in Spite of Yourself!

Collection: Get Rich In Spite of Yourself - If You Can Count to Four Reference

Imagine having everything you've ever wanted.

All the wealth, fine clothes, nice house, good food - everything you've ever thought of having.

And your job or place in life is exactly as you ever dreamed of - you are being just what you always wanted to be.

The way you can get this can be as simple as considering any problem you want to solve just before sleeping and then waking with the solution in mind. Yes, that simply.

James Breckenridge Jones solved the problem of making millionaires by studying the books in this collection, along with Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier, Thomas Troward and others. He boiled these down into a simple "Count to Four Formula" and wrote it down into a bestselling books which went into five editions and multiple printings.

This is a collection of references for anyone studying his classic millionaire-making handbook, “If You Can Count to Four...”

It is presented so that this wisdom doesn't again wall into the way of the famous "dusty tomes" which make the riches of the world available to any who read and apply what they contain -- if they can be discovered again.

In this collection:
  • Get Rich In Spite of Yourself - Louis M. Grafe,
  • The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles,
  • How to Acquire Millions - N. H. Moos,
  • The Message of a Master - John McDonald, and
  • The Miracles of Your Mind - Joseph Murphy.

Your life is up to you. You are what you think about. There are no limits - you can be whatever you want to be. You can have whatever you want to have.

This book, as well as "If You Can Count to Four..." can take you in that direction and give you anything you've ever wanted.

But you have to read and apply.

(From the Forward)

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