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No resting on laurels - how to bookmark bookmarks

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Where we started and where we want to go…

This question was left hanging from a video. So this response as I scratched my own itch. (Update: I've completely rewritten this, as once again, I got sucked down a spammer's rabbit-hole on the original. Moral - if it's too complex, it either a J.O.B. or you've lost the trail.)

Essentially, you bookmark your own bookmarks, which gives Google an idea that the thing is popular. In fact, you can (and should) take this layers deep.

Of course you quickly run out of any benefit that Onlywire might provide. Because it becomes labor-intensive and so just another J.O.B.  I recommend and use Synnd for this. It’s more effective and leaves no trail. The cheap and free method is Onlywire. A monthly investment will give you the Pro version.

Their description of this is quietly noted in a FAQ – it’s called Superspindle, which is borrowed from horticulture then a person grafts stock onto the same sturdy stem. A pdf is available here which goes into more detail.

Again, Synnd is for people serious about getting their pages to rank. For me, it’s whether they are on page one and how far away from the top five. Because the top 5 get the lion’s share of click-thru’s. Means my SEO work is intensely oriented to get results.

Your mileage may differ, as will your budget.

The point on Onlywire, if I haven’t made it before, is that you have to bookmark around 10 (or some say 20) other sites before coming back to your own again. This is what seems “etiquette” on social sharing sites – and prevents your bookmarks from leaving an obvious trail. However, Synnd uses it’s thousands of networked subscribers to do this for you – all from different IP’s, so the authority is far greater and there is no trail. In fact, it’s hard to see the effect unless you’re ranktracking your main site closely.

The people who I’ve ever seen complain about Synnd either 1) didn’t use it the way they were told to, or 2) ran one campaign with a handful of bookmarks and expected results literally overnight.

Google is looking for sites which are immensely popular to rank on top. This means hundreds of bookmarks, in several layers. So you’ll run several Synnd campaigns, which can take up to several weeks to run (depending on the limits of the network, and the programmed naturalness of the propagation.) Synnd doesn’t make your site popular, it merely primes the pump so others can start doing this naturally for you.
Whether your stuff goes truly viral is dependent on many things, one of which is your own copywriting ability.

So to incorporate this into your scene:
    1. Great content posted on your hub.
    2. Bookmark this on a social news site (SU, Digg, Reddit)
    3. Pull that link and bookmark it (or run small campaigns on all of them)
    4. Run a bookmarking campaign some of those bookmarks.
And that will get you going right along.

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