Saturday, June 16, 2012

Applied Online Promotion - This isn't rocket science.

Earning extra money online isn't rocket science...
An applied application of online promotion.

Since I'm moving into study of entertainment - how to promote this in order to earn money online is its own interesting research line.

The idea is to create a content-heavy line of works whicn then would lend itself to promotion. Not so odd, I planned a set of 256 short stories, each with it's own soundtrack, illustrations, and video's. This is quite different from a single release, which you'd have to separately (and expensively) build up a community awareness for, etc. Like a single film, book, or product release.

The flow of stories itself would take on the aspect of a community interest - as some of the jokes about Dickens' magazine installments for his books ( the ship approached the harbor, someone called out from the waiting dockside throng, "What happened to Little Nell?")

Also, the extended publishing model fits this well - and it's tuned to the multi-result approach the search engines have recognized. This is where we've been heading with this 30-day study all along.

Again, the story itself is read into podcast, it's illustrated and these become a slideshow, then a video. The drawback of this is that you don't want to publish the short stories to your remote blogs, as that is just added and unnecesary content. And would defeat sales, so cut earning money.

The marketing side of this would be to create a second line of work, which would be some sort of story analysis. This could easily be distributed through a mini-net system and then bookmarked, etc. (Your promotion is typically secondary to the original work, regardless.)

Income would be utilizing the soundtrack/podcast, videos, and text as ebooks all as income/money sources.

Promotion would have that "analysis" published via main hub and remote-blog mini-net. Also, creating podcasts, graphic powerpoint, and promotional videos for each ebook - which could (and should) be widely distributed, even though the base materials are not. Even articles can be used to post spun versions of the analyses - good for backlinks.

And obviously, they'd be done in an entertaining form, with their own continuing theme to draw in people - building a community in fact.

This is obviously a great deal of content to be distributing. And a great test of what we've been developing and studying.

Needless to say, in undertaking this, I won't be doing anything else with my time - so trying to exploit my earlier work in Affiliate Marketing would take a back seat. (And is why I haven't built my own affiliate programs into any sort of regular income - too busy researching. But I told you about purpose and passion, haven't I?)

Patterns of Promotion

So the evolving pattern - as someone who has published several dozen books - is to have ebooks on handheld devices. Smashwords seems to be the best way to get these published and distributed into several versions, as well as their distributors. 

They have an affiliate program, discount coupons, and also track backlinks to your ebook. So the basics are there.

The general sequence of promotion is slightly different from the original content creation. The ebook is created, along with soundtrack, and video. And while the ebook is published for sale, the other 2 are stored away for later use. Snippets might be able to be used out of these.

Trick here is to keep the analysis up todate and publish these immediately following the ebooks. If this can be kept (or sped up to ) a weekly promotion, then the initial price point would be kept low, plus the affiliate payouts as high as possible. So these are simply loss leaders. Later stories would gradually raise their price as the series become more popular (after the first 64, hopefully.)

Main point is that by building this community, you create a demand for these books. The volume of them makes them collectibles. This is exactly what "famous authors" who have dogged out an existence by writing. Our use of this is to speed this up immensely. We will create a "body of work" in one year or less.

And we will have "left over" a set of material to extend the brand - earning additional income - after the initial product line is established. (And that is my little secret, as to what exactly - and extensively - is planned.)

The marketing is all (or mostly) online and use search engines to track and give results based on volume of fresh content. Links which run through this would all go to each of the Smashwords book pages. And the bookmarks take in all levels of this. Exhaustively. Pinging has to be done as conscientiously throughout - to alert the search engines of the new content, as well as any "fans". You have to plan your work and work your plan.

You now understand all of what I've been bringing you to (if you've studiously followed every step to this point.) As well, I have someone I can explain it all to, now - without having to explain hubs, remote-blogs, etc.). But the main point has been to scrub all this down to a finite set of rules which can be applied to the next step of online promotion I'll be doing, which brings us full circle back to the point of how to earn extra money online.

Now that it's all written up and in your able hands, I can simply devote my time to creating this monster set of works.

Good Hunting!

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