Monday, June 24, 2013

Life is already perfect

And that just means there's always room for improvement.

Releasing Technique allows your perfect self to manifest

Lester Levenson found this "strangest secret" out when he discovered the Release Technique. Of course, he was about to die, and that gave him every reason to just sit down and figure things out. 

Multiple coronaries and other organ failures were imminent. With the medical technology of that day, they simply told him to go home, get in bed, and stay there. Days to live, all that dire stuff.

Having been active all his life, the solution didn't sit well. So he got a chair, defied his doctor's orders, and sat down to think. 3 months later, he had solved the whole scene of all life, and was in a very high, enlightened state. Oh yes, his physical ailments were cured.

What he found was simple: all possible solutions and resolutions to any problem are already present. 

This shows up in various ways, such as the Law of Attraction (remember "The Secret" DVD?) Of course, they just got it from earlier classic authors - as I talk about all the time.

But you can believe anything you want - and those beliefs create your world around you every second of every day. 

Once you let go of the ones which don't forward your progress, your own native perfection, then you can have anything you want just show up in that life of yours. 

What may become the game is educating those around you that their life is like this - that they can improve their world into the perfect one they've always wanted. All they have to do is change their mind - or change how they use it (or both.)

I went over this in some detail in "Freedom Is" and now again with "Winning Your Infinite Freedom."

Earl Nightingale described the attitude you can have toward life as "calm, cheerful expectancy." And gave a 30-day program to develop this as a habit with his "Strangest Secret" recording. 

But how you live your life is up to you. 

It's already perfect as you've wanted it up to this point...

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