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Copywriting as a Metaphor - Living Life by Communication

Communication as a way of life, learned at the feet of Master Copywriters.

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One thing that came up when I was studying Mike Dillard's new Elevation Income release, was that Dillard had been studying and doing copywriting so long that it had become internalized. He no longer had to think about how to write anything - it just came naturally.

Robert Hirsch (his partner, friend, and cohort in this video series) pointed out that Mike's writing was the way he talked. Meaning that he'd become his skills.

Since marketing is just communication in essence, learning copywriting is just another style of talking, like a dialect - not a different language at all.

This is different from the idea of learning Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" plot structure, but not by much. Much as Louis L'amour studied all the bestseller classics to come up with a style of writing that gave him continuing bestselling popular books. Cliffhangers, action, love interest, exotic locations - everything to take a person away from their own world to visit a new one in those pages.

I'd say really that the optimal writing and communicating style would be between those two. And then throw in a healthy dose of TED talks in there as well.

The point is that the bulk of humanity wants to be entertained, educated, enlightened - and need to be told what to do and how to take action. They are looking for leaders.

All Dillard has pointed out with his Magnetic Sponsoring and now his Elevation Income, is that you can be that leader. His own tools of choice are copywriting. His partner's are sales and entrepreneurship. Both have internalized these skills and actually become them.

They've done tons of study and gone though mountains of books, seminars, and recordings (audio and video) in order to learn their craft. Both agree (and many share this) that lifelong learning plays a key part. Essentially, you are doing this as your passion. So improving your craft - just as professional sports players constantly work on keeping in shape and being able to deliver that pass or block or serve, etc.

When sports players finally wind up physically unable to keep up with younger players, then they have to seque into another career. (But this isn't all that different from you and I - most people move through 2 or 3 or more careers in their lives. "Retirement" is one most people look forward to.)

Separately, I'm collecting up and distilling the copywriting material from the all-time greats. And directly republishing any I've found in the public domain. (I've already written an overview once.) Of course, these will all be made available to you as I can.

What I'm finding is that this starts to change me as I go - not surprising, since you always find what you expect to find (quantum physics, the "Secret", and all that...)

It's change in a good way, though. Remarkable stuff.

The point is that you are changing your life by design. This is just as any person who studies personal development (self help books) changes their lives by surrounding themselves with inspirational and motivational works.

You can look around your own life and see how you are changing your own universe by what you are surrounding yourself with. Yes, that includes your own home and your friends, as well as (*shudder*) TV.

Check it out and you'll see how your ability to communicate is being affected or improved.

Luck with this.
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