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Day 28 - List of Tools and Courses

List of Tools and Courses to help you earn extra income online
The Grand (In)Complete List of Tools and Courses - to help you earn extra income online.

It's called so, as I am constantly finding more stuff which has great practical value. (It's that Attraction thing at work. Jesus said something like: "As you look, you will find.") And as I find more, I plan to come back and add them.

However, I did want to drop a long list on you of other courses and tools you could use. This is exactly what people say not to do, since the more choices you give, the less chances people will click on anything. So I recommend you bookmark this or save it as a page with links to your hard-drive (where you can find it later..)

Now I already have listed in the sidebar how to find various things like Market Samurai, SBI!, Synnd, MMI, and Magnetic Marketing.

This 30-day blog in itself is probably one of the greatest tools, since what I tell you about creating content and linking into affiliate sites is true for every page here. But this is as I recommend: find valuable products and services, then become an affiliate for them - and link to these in your content.

If you like what I tell you and find it workable (especially the free versions, trial versions, and so forth), then I'm sure that when you decide to invest in the fully working paid versions, you won't mind that I get a split of what you pay for it?

Some of these places, like The Challenge, consider that your monetization should be last. But I consider that you have to keep in mind that you are here to earn extra income online - so whatever you decide on as a product needs to be able to generate revenue for you. Whether you can monetize a keyword phrase is part of your market research. Sure, the approach to writing is different. How you write a hard-sell landing/sales page is different from a pre-sell review page. And this blog series is one which tells you more the how things should be done rather than saying "there's a list of GO words" and how to motivate people and so on. (Actually, there is quite a bit of this in The Online Sunshine Plan, but you know this by now. Pages 289-296 are fascinating in retrospect.)


The first is The Challenge, above. Once you sign up, you have access to all their data on a suggested route to earning extra income online. Lots of free downloads to review.

Market Samurai / Domain Samurai: Essential keyword-based market research. The second is free, but the first has necessary features such as ranktracking which you will need. One time purchase for MS.

Onlywire - simple bookmarking. Free. (Runs a program on your machine.)

Synnd - a professional approach to social media marketing science. Monthly subscription.

Kompozer - a Wysiwyg editor which is handy for creating simple code for blogging. Free - a blog which also auto-posts your content to other platforms. Free

Google+ - once you have Google on your side, then ranking is faster and simpler. Free

Notetab - Get the 5.7b version, which is freeware. Later versions got "paid" happy and cut out some useful tools. Works on Windows and under Wine on Linux. Dirt simple text editor with some HTML coding ability. Free

SimplyCast - autoresponder service which starts off free and ramps up as you do.

ArticleDemon - for building a huge amount of backlinks for a few hours' work. One-time purchase


These guys have a good many courses they've put together over the years. And they are all very useful. Most are free ebooks. (I've copied their blurbs for this - I'm not that shamelessly promotional IMHO.)
Affiliate Masters Course
How to become a high-earning affiliate champion.

Service Sellers Masters Course
How to attract new clients from around the world...
Or from around the block.

Local Business Masters Course
How to become a Webmaster that produces RESULTS for local small businesses. Build the SBI! buzz... in your own neighborhood!

WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course
How to be a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM) and successfully build a real business on the Net.

Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course
How to price with complete confidence & double your Net profits.

Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course
Show Webmasters how to run the BUSINESS of Webmastering... Super-assisted, of course, by the ultimate productivity tool.

Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course
Learn how to start and grow a profitable Net auction business.

The Complete SiteSell University
All you see here and then some. Complete library of free ebooks, which of course all promote SiteBuildIt! And why not - they've been in business as long as the Internet.

T. Harv Ekers Peak Potentials

Probably the most fascinating trip you'll ever take into your own mind. Discover what is holding you back from incredible earnings.

SpeedWealth - T. Harv Eker's "SpeedWealth" system reveals the 8 key steps that every highly profitable, fast-growing business uses to become an "overnight" success. Free ebook.
Millionaire Mind for Network Marketers - Discover how to change your mindset ... and finally feel good about telling the world about your networking marketing business. Free report.

Millionaire Mind Special Intensive - Free weekly audio: T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Message series...And discover how to reset your inner money thermostat to "rich" to create the wealth you've always wanted go here now

Affiliate Registrations

What you can start earning income by promoting right off the bat. (Just make sure they align with what you really like doing...)

SiteSell - 5 Pillar Registration
Nobody is as intense about helping affiliates succeed in building a income-earning online business like SiteSell. Two-tier.

Market Samurai Affiliate Area
This should work to give you some sort of sign-up to become an affiliate. If not, you might have to sign up for the free trial. (It's been so long for me...)This is really just a single-tier, but a great product.

The pioneer if not the inventor of what became known as Network Marketing. A 50-year-old company built on the integrity of its product research. Especially if you are hands-on in dealing with people, this could be a stellar opportunity. Unlimited payments from downline sales for productive business leaders. Incredible yearly award programs for high-producers, such as trips and even a car. You are providing consumable health products, so people are buying new product all the time. Residual income from repeat purchases.

Peak Potentials Ambassadors
Only a single tier - but T. Harv Eker gets it. He understands how people are completely tied up in the symbol of money. And his program is designed to help people reprogram their mind, to release their native abundant thinking. And great, regular programs, plug new opportunities (and material) to create content for.

The ultimate social media marketing tool, based on proven evergreen techniques. At least two-tier. (If you sign up something like 3 people, your own subscription costs are covered - and then pure residual monthly income after that.) At least 2-tier and residuals from subscriptions and upsells.

Magnetic Sponsoring
They teach network marketers to be effective. If you are already part of a network marketing program, then these links can add to your downline - they are already looking to be successful in network marketing, and have some training and experience. Single tier, but lead generating.

- - - -

And that is that.

We're just about done now. See you tomorrow.

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